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With a formal wedding invitation, there should be no graphics. An elegant wedding invitation would look beautiful in a scrapbook or as a part of another craft project. A wedding is one of the highlights of a woman's life, so it is important that she is able to have some fun making it feel special. Rather than including a reply card with the wedding invitation, guests are often instructed to respond on the bride and groom's wedding website. A more formal wedding calls for a full-length dress, even in the spring. Wedding showers are most often hosted by the maid of honor, another close friend, or a family member. Other ways of making your wedding invitation more elegant is by using basic designs or photos for instance those of flowers selected for the bouquet, or possibly a picture of the couple to be. When working within a tight budget, it is a good idea to order bridal shower wedding requests at the same time your order the wedding invites. Your special day is not the sort of occasion when there are corners cut so the majority of the wedding invitations will be made out of good quality card and can be printed in a variety of fonts. Brides wearing family pearls should take a close look at their condition several months before the wedding; if the silk thread looks grungy, have them restrung. This is great since you can personalize your special wedding day with so many options. There was a time when a wedding invite arrived inside an envelope, which was inside a second, protective envelope. Your wedding invitations are the first impression you will give your guests for your wedding. A different way of offering elegance into your wedding invite is with the use of motifs as well as embossed designs and choosing font colors that are in harmony with the rest of the design. You can design digital cards and send them to your attendees through email. Modern wedding invites are much more flexible than those of yesterday so you have a vast array of options to choose from and select whatever appeals to you most. Nevertheless, as unique as you want it to be, it is still of utmost importance to include all the necessary and correct information on your invitation card. That way you can see images of different types and themes of invite requests to help you narrow down your choices. If you do not order your wedding invite early, you will not have enough time and this is certainly a process that you do not want to rush though. Use your imagination and make a one-of-a-kind wedding invite that will not simply be a lovely souvenir but a wonderful way to create an eternal memory of that special day.

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